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BBC Attacks Macedonia's New Spine

News outlets chastise Macedonia for defending it self.
In a June 24 article on Macedonia's sudden and long overdue assertion of it's territorial sovereignty in the face of U.S. backed terrorism the BBC criticized Macedonia for a "clear defiance of NATO and the European Union."

The BCC is not the only news organization to cast the Macedonian governments assault against the US/UN sponsored NATO trained militia forces of the National Liberation Army-the relocated and renamed members of the dismantled Kosovo Liberation Army-as "defiance" of NATO or the EU.

A Ruters article published in the New York Times stated that Macedonia began its "assault on a village held by ethnic Albanian guerrillas today despite a blunt NATO warning to stop."

These article come out of the gate saying that the Macedonian government has been told not fight the Albanian terrorists yet not one NATO, US or EU "diplomat" has said that Macedonia is under orders to do so.

Even the BBC in a June 22 article on the recent Macedonian offensive stated that the attacks on NLA occupied territories ``illustrates the limited *influence* [my emphasis] of Nato and the EU on the Macedonian government's actions."

The BBC is sorely mistaken if they believe that Macedonia is being defiant for defending itself against the NAL. Still, NATO, the EU and the US are greatly disturbed that "peace" in Macedonia is not coming soon and they are surely losing pacients with the Macedonian government's unwillingness to negotiate with the US backed invaders.

"We should signal clearly that we will not accept the opening of a new cycle of violence and intolerance that imperils the stability of the entire region," France's president Jacques Chirac told the BBC on June 13. "We should rule out nothing in order to put a stop to it."

The attacks on the NLA came as the US was beginning to salivate at the prospects that their hired mercenaries had destabilized Macedonia to the point were the government was willing to concede to NATO occupation under the ruse of NLA disarmament. As is well documented NATO occupation of Kosovo following the 1998 war against Serbia was supposed to be accompanied by the disarmament of the KLA. NATO never intended to disarm the KLA though and immediately following the war the KLA were at work terrorizing the Serbian population of Kosovo as well as resistant Albanians who've long expound venomous disgust for the murders.

An angry NATO now must look for another route into Macedonia before it can wrest control of the country. Here they have an ally in the Albanian portion of the Macedonia government .

"We expect a strong reaction by the international community, primarily NATO, to prevent the obvious danger of civil war," Ruters reported Zamir Dika, a top Albanian politician saying.



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