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Protest Biotech Foods Tuesday in Chicago!

In solidarity with anti-biotech activists at Biodevistation in San Diego this week GeneWise has organized a protest that folks in Chicago can take part in! Tuesday June 26th at about 5:00 PM at the Jewel Foods on the corner of LaSalle and Clark in Chicago we invite you to wear a bio-hazard suit and join in the fun!

GeneWise will raise awareness of GMO foods on this Tuesday at 5:00 PM
in Chicago. We will meet at a central grocery store, hand out fliers,
and "inventory" the food in the store based on it's GMO ingredients.

Oh yeah, some of us will be wearing all white jump suits! They look
alot like biohazard suits!!!

Sound like fun? You're smiling already, I can tell. Why not get

When: Tuesday June 26th at about 5:00 PM
Where: The corner of LaSalle and Clark in Chicago (Jewel Foods)
What: An educational event to raise public awareness of GMO foods
Why: We're doing this event in solidarity with the events
San Diego. The "about 5:00" time is to let people come
after work for an hour or so.
We need: You!!! We'll have the fliers and biosuits. We need
people power!!!

More information? Call Jim Feldmann at 708-358-8557

Can't make it to Chicago but still want in on the action?
How about we loan you a few biosuits and you do an action near you!



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