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Chicago Oppresses Religious Rights of Santeria

City of Chicago's Department of Public Health is Oppressing the Religious Liberties of Santeria Believers, Probing The Group's Practices and Seeking to Regulate its Religion. This Is A Threat to Our First Amendment Freedoms.
The City of Chicago's Department of Public Health is oppressing the First Amendment Rights of practitioners of the Santeria religion. The city is seeking to probe the religion's practices -- under what we think are false public health pretences -- and and hopes to regulate the religion out of existence.
This has happened before, but was halted at the Supreme Court back in 1993. If the city can take out one religion, it can take them all out, if it wants to, and if we don't resist the oppression.
There's also a racial element here: Santeria believers are Hispanic and overwhelmingly from the Cuban-American population. The money for the study/regulation is coming from the Clinton Administration, and we suspect there may be ulterior motives involved.
The Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye, Inc. of Hileah, Fla., which took the first Santeria case to the Supreme Court, and the Institute for Human Rights, are working with the city to change the language of its proposed regulations, seeking to remove any religious connotation from the measure and studies of the group. But we need your support. Contact the city and voice your concern about religious freedom in Chicago.



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