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Confront "operation save america" and anti-abortion extremists in Wichita, KS

Rally for Freedom of Choice in Wichita, Kansas July 15-21. Demonstrate in opposition to anti-choice fanatics.
An anti-abortion extremist group called Operation Save America is planning a major protest convergence on Wichita, Kansas July 15-21, 2001.

We need as many pro-choice and anti-authoritarian people as possible to be in Wichita to hold pro-choice rallies and counter demonstrations!

As you may recall, back in 1991 Wichita was besieged by a large number of anti-choice protesters for several days. These people blocked access to womens health clinics, harrassed women and doctors and received an enormous amount of mainstream press coverage for their efforts.

Now, ten years later , they are planning to do it again.On July 15-21 Operation Save America and anti-choice zealots from around the country will flood into Wichita.

This is a call for anyone who believes in a woman's right to choose and respects the right of women to access reproductive health care to converge on Wichita in order to counter Operation Save America.

Counter demonstrations and pro-choice events are currently being planned. If you would like to help organize or need more information:

please contact operationsafeabortion (at)

more details coming soon.

listed below is the website of "Operation Save America" a group that is planning anti-abortion protests



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