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Swedish Police Violent Crackdown On Dancing Led to Deadly Shooting

Video from IMC Sweden shows that a violent police crackdown on DANCING is what led to the use of DEADLY FORCE against protesters.
Length 6 min. 28 sec.
Link to video:

Link to site of videographer?:
Thanks for your journalism under fire!

This is important video footage.
Most media is placing all the blame on protesters.
This video seems to prove that it was police stupidity, and possibly police hatred of dancing, music, fun, happiness, young people, etc.- that led to the use of deadly force against protesters.
Even if the police shot in justifiable self-defense, which other footage seems to show they did not
this video shows that unprovoked and totally unnecessary police violence started the chain of events that led to the shooting:

1. Young people enjoy themselves- dancing, music, smiles, fun.
2. Police decide fun cannot be allowed.
3. Police get in a tight bunch and seem to move to the music in a funny way - as if they can't decide whether to dance or attack people.
4. They decide to attack people.
5. People don't like being kicked, beaten, yelled at, arrested, for dancing.
6. People chase police and throw stones at their BODY ARMOR & SHIELDS.
7. Police shoot people (and possibly KILL person).
8. The police are murderers.
9. George Bush is a mass murderer.
10. The current world economic system and those who control it are mass murderers.
11. Back to the issue at hand...

From 3:00.0 to 3:03.3 on the video) The person who was trying to get the police to back off and leave the dancers alone (wearing dark gray jacket with black hood/light gray pants) seems to be the same person who was later shot in the abdomen.
This seems significant to me.
What do you think?

Link to other video:



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