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Walk for Justice! Affordable Housing!

Rogers Park Community Action Network [RPCAN], Insight Arts, United Church of Rogers Park ask you to Come and Join our "Walk for Justice" August 12th in Rogers Park. Support the city-wide Coalition for Fair Development!!

Walk for Justice: August 12th at 1PM
steps off from Touhy Park (Touhy and Clark, Chicago)
Call RPCAN or other numbers below for more details

From: RPCAN/Rogers Park Community Action Network , the United Church of Rogers Park and Insight Arts

Rogers Park Community Action Network, 1545 W. Morse, Chicago, IL 60626

June 15, 2001

Dear Friends in the Progressive Community of Rogers Park:

 Last year many of us participated in the Diversity and Affordability Campaign that brought more than 400 people marching in Rogers Park demanding answers to the affordable housing problem that our community is experiencing. One year later, the problem seems to have worsened. The displacement of poor and working class families has continued, giving way to the construction of more condominiums. The struggle to save key buildings that are actually "anchors" for the low-income community in this area has continued, after saving Pivot Point we were pushed to organize to save the Clark Mall and the 54 businesses housed by it.

We are inviting you now to participate in a Walk for Justice this next August 12th, 2001. The main theme for the march and rally will be Affordable Housing, but other issues related to social and economic justice in Rogers Park will be included in the event. Please save the date and prepare to mobilize your constituencies on that Sunday, come and join us! We will be in touch with you soon as an Organizing Committee is put together to plan the route and the event at the end of the march.

The struggle continues and we need to be organized, now more than ever. This Walk for Justice will be the key event in an organizing campaign that will involve all of us as we create capacity to continue defending our neighborhood from displacement and gentrification.

Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions, ideas or more information. We will be in touch with you soon.

Your partners in working for justice,

Francisco Ramos, Executive Director, Rogers Park Community Action Network (phone 973-7888)

Craig Horshaw, Executive Director, Insight Arts (phone 973-1521)

Anita Alcantara, Dir/Administrative Services/Community Life, United Church of Rogers Park (phone 761-2500)

Rev. Wendy Hardin, Pastor, United Church of Rogers Park (phone 761-2500)




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