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Call to Blockade Swedish Embassies and Consulates Worldwide

Reposted by Chicago IMC: Yesterday the Swedish embassy in Berlin was blockaded, today it's under siege by German police. Do the same in your city!
Yesterday the Convergence Center, provided by The City of Goteborg, was surrounded by police with 300 people trapped inside. The police arrested about all of the people, didn't allow them to take their belongings with them, which were left in the building to be searched today. An email was sent from a computer inside the building suggesting blockades of Swedish embassies.

This was picked up by IMC Germany. A few hours later the swedish embassy in Berlin was besieged by protestors. They announced more actions for friday. Now the embassy is under siege of a few protestors and 100 police of Berlin's extreme 21st Division (they seemed to be reading the IMC news as well...).

This is a call to blockade the Swedish embassies and consulates around the world at midday on Saturday to protest against swedish police actions.



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