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Sat. June 16: Rally to Support Teamsters Rank and File Slate

7:00 PM * Saturday * June 16, 2001
United Electric Hall (UE), 37 S. Ashland (at Monroe)
Teamsters Local 743 New Leadership Slate

This spring, progressive rank-and-file Teamsters Local 743 workers defeated the union's 'official' slate for the first time since the union was founded in 1938. The Local 743 New Leadership Slate won a majority of delegate seats to the upcoming Teamsters International Convention, beating the Hoffa Take-Back Slate. At this Saturday's rally, New Leadership Slate members will present their agenda for the upcoming Teamsters international convention as well as plans for reform of both the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and of Local 743. Both the International and the Local will hold elections this fall. New Leadership Slate members will also make a "special surprise announcement" at the rally.

For more information, contact Richard Berg at 773-550-1467 or by pager at 312-556-2716; Kathy Kleckner at 773-582-1049 or by pager at 773-258-1510. Spanish language speakers should contact Tony Caldera at 773- 247-6858 and Edwin Soto at 773-227-2604.



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