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Should Cops Who torture Be Prosecuted? Come to a Public Forum on the Subject

Will Chicagoans ever do anything about the fact that cops who are known for torture are never prosecuted? Appellate Courts, Federal Judges, The Illinois Supreme Court and the Chicago Police Department all acknowledge that torture is a reality. Why have there never been prosecutions? Why do these cops keep their jobs?

June 13th 2001 Special Event

Time 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Topic / Issue Civil Rights

City & State Chicago, Il

Location Hothouse: 31 E. Balbo

Speaker Stan Willis, Joann Patterson, Robin Hobley

Title Panel Discussion: Should Cops who torture be held accountable?

Phone Contact 312/663-5392 Citizens Alert

Sponsor Campaign to Prosecute Police Torture

Come hear testimony from family members and hear from leading Civil and human rights lawyers.

There is an opportunity to do something about the police torture in Chicago, but will people do it?



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