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June 13: Break the Bonds of Occupation! - Protest Israeli Ambassador in Chicago

Protest the Chicago visit of Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. - David Ivry
When: Wednesday, June 13, 5:30 PM
Where: Chicago Hilton and Towers, 720 S. Michigan Ave.
Palestinians cover the bodies of three Palestinian women killed by Israeli tank fire on Saturday with Palestinian flags, during their funeral at Al-Noserat camp in Gaza, June 10, 2001. - Ahmed Jadallah (Reuters)

- Break Israel's Bonds of Occupation! -

On June 13, the Women's Division of the Illinois office of State of Israel Bonds is holding its Ambassador Ball. This extravaganza ( at $125 a ticket to participate in
the "cotillion") features the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, David Ivry. At a time when Israel is increasing the violence of its 34-year old occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, when more and more innocent Palestinians and Israelis are dying each week, this event is an outrage and must be protested.

Join us at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, June 13 at the Chicago Hilton and Towers, 720 South Michigan Avenue to break Israel's bonds of occupation and send a message to David Ivry that the occupation must end for a just and lasting peace to take place between Palestinians and Israelis.

- What are Israel Bonds?

Proceeds from Israel Bond sales go directly to the State of Israel Treasury. Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel, explains at that:

"The purchase of an Israel bond is more than just a good investment; it allows us to invest in critical infrastructure projects that help us build our country. Roads, communications, water projects, power plants, harbors, airports, and in particular, the successful absorption of immigrants are all examples of some of the vital work carried out with the help of Israel Bonds."

Israel bonds are used, in other words, to help expand the illegal settlements, build roads that connect those settlements, and extract natural resources, most importantly water, from the West Bank.

- Our Protest

The Coalition for Justice in Palestine, Not In My Name and American Friends Service Committee are working together to present a strong, clear message to Ambassador Ivry. Our presence outside the Hilton will call attention to the fact that Israel Bonds are used to keep Palestinians in bondage. They cannot control their own economy, they are denied access to their own natural resources, they are denied access to medical care, they are imprisoned in their own towns and villages, and they are held hostage by a brutal military occupation.

We will converge on every entrance to the Hilton for a silent vigil under the weight of mock chains (provided by protest organizers). Please dress in black to express your grief for the loss of life and the ongoing violence of Israel's occupation. We will show that people of all faiths, including Christian, Muslim and Jewish, cannot tolerate the bonds of Israel's occupation and will form our own bonds, standing together side by side, until we achieve peace with justice..

. For more info, please contact the fowllowing sponsoring organizations:

. Coalition for Justice in Palestine: Hatem Abudayyeh, email: hatem85 (at), (773)436-6060,Raeed Tayeh,
708-974-3280, or Hatem Fariz 708-906-7405.

. Not In My Name: Cindy Levitt, email: cindy (at),,(312)409-4845

. American Friends Service Committee: Jennifer Bing-Canar, email: jbing-canar (at), (312)427-2533.



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