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Protest of Plan Columbia at Pumpkin Festival Parade in Sycamore, Illinois

On Sunday, October 29th, among the clowns, high school bands and cheerleaders at the Pumpkin Parade will be a group of protestors dressed in black. We will march against the U.S. government's 1.3 billion dollar gift in mainly military aid to the Columbian government. Please join us. Call 847-742-6602 for directions and details.
Come help us protest Plan Columbia at the Sycamore Pumpkin Festival Parade on Sunday, October 29th at 1:00 P.M.

Sycamore, Illinois is a tiny, picturesque, quiet town about 30 miles west of Chicago. But every year at its Pumpkin Festival Parade about 100,000 people come to town. This year, among the clowns, the high school bands, and the cheerleaders, there will be a small group of mourners dressed in black, carrying a puppet, and protesting Plan Columbia.

Plan Columbia is the name for the recent gift of 1.3 billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer's money in mostly military aid to the Columbian government. The Columbian army has a record of monstrous human rights abuses against civilian peasants, including outright massacres.

The rationale for the U.S. policy is that it will assist the Columbian army to halt drug traffic to tue U.S. But, all sides in the terrible civil war in Columbia, including the army, have engaged in the drug traffic. Like so many aspects of the American "war on drugs," this policy will mainly wreck destruction on vulnerable people. There is a great danger that our billion dollar gift will escalate this nasty war and perhaps destabilize the entire region. There is little likelihood that it will stop the flow of drugs into our country.

Our protest is an opportunity to bring awareness to a small patch of rural America of this new, alarming and vicious development in American foreign policy. We hope to follow this visual protest with some teach-ins in DeKalb and in the Fox Valley which will provide ordinary citizens with background information about the civil war in Columbia and the nature of the army which U.S. policy now supports.

The Fox Valley Pledge of Resistance is a small but determined group. We welcome anyone who wants to walk with us in a spirit of non-violent protest. Please call 847-742-6602 for directions and details.



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