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Protest Plan Columbia in Sycamore, Illinois (of all places!)

The Fox Valley Pledge of Resistance, based in Elgin, Illinois will participate in the annual pumpkin parade in Sycamore, Illinois on Sunday, October 29th. We will be protesting U.S. Military aid to Columbia. We are a tiny group, but we have a puppet and lots of determination. We are looking for people to walk with us in this event. Call 847-742-6602 for directions and details.
Sycamore, Illinois is a small, picturesque town west of Chicago. But their annual pumpkin parade draws at least 100,000 people. This year, among the cheerleaders and high school bands, there will be a small group of progressives dressed in black and carrying a puppet in protest against the 1.3 billion dollar package of U.S. aid which is now going to the vicious Columbian army.

As most of you know, the rationale for this aid is that this money will help the Columbian government fight the drug trafficers in their own country. In reality, all parties in the Columbian civil war,certainly including the Columbian army use drug money to fund their bloody military activities. The Columbian army has a terrible record on human rights abuses, including massacres of civilians. U.S. military aid will escalate this violence and may help to destabilize the entire region.

Our participation in this parade will help us to bring awareness of this war and of U.S. participation in it to farmers and small town people who usually don't see or hear progressive messages. If you want to join us, please call 847-742-6602, leave a message, and we will call you back with details and directions.



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