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Rank-and-file Teamster video appeal

Help Labor Beat cover the upcoming Teamsters convention and election campaign, as Hoffa Jr. is challenged by Tom Leedham.
We're raising funds...

Dear Friend of the Rank-and-File:
We asking you to financially help Labor Beat cover the upcoming 26th Teamster International Convention in Las Vegas, June 25-29. Our focus will be on the rank-and-file perspective, including the Tom Leedham campaign. Leedham, as you know, is challenging the incumbent Jimmy Hoffa Jr. for president of the Teamsters.

Labor Beat will be sending our top video journalist, William Jenkins, to the convention to get the footage, which will provide the basis of at least one new show on the campaign as it moves toward its conclusion this fall. Jenkins, our Labor Beat chairperson, has produced a number of quality videos on the Teamsters in the recent period. They include "The Teamsters, Whose Union Is It?", "Tom Leedham on the Campaign Trail", "Tom Leedham Rank-and-File Power Slate". Jenkins will also be providing footage during the convention for the Leedham website to create RealMedia video streaming files (which will be linked to the Chicago IMC site so that daily streaming reports will be available to you during the convention.

William Jenkins is also a member of the successful New Leadership slate which won in the delegate election against the old guard in Chicago's largest Teamster Local, IBT 743.

A donation of $20 or more will entitle you to receive a copy of the anticipated video on this fall's contest for leadership of the Teamsters. But we really need you to send larger amounts than that. Although the cost of accommodations will not be a factor, there remains the cost of airfair, tape stock, dubs, meals, and other expenses.

As most of you know, Labor Beat's source of funds comes from workers, union activists and activist locals. We need your help to cover this key event in this important battlefield in the labor movement. The Leedham campaign itself has not formal documentarist who will be producing a video, and we don't think Hoffa's PR juggernaut or CNN will be covering the campaign from a rank-and-file perspective. We will seek other venues for this video beyond Labor Beat's regular cities, including Free Speech TV satellite network.

Please make out your check to: "Labor Beat" and make a notation on lower left corner "Teamster video"

Then mail check to:

Labor Beat
37 S. Ashland
Chicago, IL 60607

Little time remains, so please respond to this appeal quickly!

Committee for Labor Access, producer of Labor Beat

Labor Beat is Chicago's rank-and-file forum since 1987, and appears on cable tv as a series in Chicago, Rockford, St. Louis, and Madison. Affiliated with IBEW 1220, views expressed are those of Labor Beat, not necessarily of IBEW.

For more information:
laborbeat (at)



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