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Chicagoans arrested in Cinncinat

Two Chicagoans arrested in Cincinnati protests, need bail money. Please help.
Two Chicagoans have been arrested this weekend in the Cinncinnati protests. We are in contact with one protestor who is doing jail solidarity outside where many have set up tents and are able to talk with the protestors via bullhorns. Natalie and Kitty have been charged with "aiding and abetting" and "resisting arrest." Their total bail is $1250. They have an arraignment today. Money was wired to them this morning from Chicago and they are getting financial help from the legal defense people. That's all I know for right now.

reposted from national IMC:
- Two women, Cathrine Austin and Natalie Nguyen were arrested and charged with "aiding and abetting". They have reported of chemical irritants sprayed in the eyes and mouth, followed by lack of medical attention. When Cathrine and Natalie asked officer S. Henderson how he felt about Timothy Thomas, officer S. Henderson replied, "I just don't give a fuck, an you can quote me on that! He sold dope to his own people, so i don't care if he dies." Natalie and Catherine feel officer S. Henderson, a black man, was trying to justify himself in front of the other officers, who were white.

Supporters are currently marching toward the "Justice" Center for a vigil. If you can contribute to the legal fund for the 9 people arrested, please send funds to:

People's Law Collective
c/o Molly
P.O. Box 3415
Cincinnati, OH 45201



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