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NYC's WBAI radio station stormed by activists!s!

WBAI Pledge drive interrupted momentarily by pro-DEMOCRACY NOW - protesters attempting to unfurl a banner from WBAI windows.
WBAI Pledge drive interrupted momentarily by pro-DEMOCRACY NOW - protesters attempting to unfurl a banner from WBAI windows.Around 9:20 or so, as my radio went on as usual. I listened to Marjorie Moore hawking health books for pledge contributions. All of a sudden, the sound of a chorus of voices chanting - broke through. Moore exclaimed, "oh my god! what is that?!" The chanting while not completely audible and only briefly on the air, still was obviously a protest against the corporate coup at the Pacifica network. As one announcer proudly described how he'd thwarted the banner hang, another lied about how some of the folks there from independent media, and wbix, the alternative news broadcast venue for banned and fired WBAI producers, were being violent and were funded by billionaire George Soros (who does have a documentary fund - but hasn't contributed anything to indymedia as far as we know - since we're all pretty goddamned poor still... - COME TO OUR BENEFIT on June 8th!) In additon to the charge that indymedia is bankrolled by billionaires, one producer Paul Deranza (sp?) complained of being punched in the face by indymedia activist Kevin Pritchard. As an associate of Pritchard on the audio working group, I can assure people that Kevin wouldn't hurt a fly unless it was in self defense. Furthermore, toting a microphone and recording device, would make it difficult to launch an assault on anyone - and that kind of action was never a goal of these protests. It seems like a lot of irresponsible statements are being made over the air at WBAI right now. They scoffed at indymedia as "having all of 50 listeners" in a most arrogant, infuriating and condescending manner. They compared the protesters this morning to those that attack abortion clinics and doctors who provide abortions. Perhaps ther was an attempt by protesters to get into the radio broadcast room and reach the listeners to tell them what was going on - and in that process, the protesters were intercepted and my guess is, attacked - at which point something must have occured - but when mild mannered and dear Kevin Pritchard is released from jail or where ever he is - he can fill you in - in his own words. Meanwhile psychotic Marjorie continued saying things about "resolving anger through peacful means, after all that is what Lou Hill was about... " First of all, the protesters were peaceful, using civil disobedience in a non-violent way, secondly - lou Hill would have a heart attack if he could see the corruption and degredation of WBAI by Utrice Leid and the corporate clowns who installed her. Freedom of Speech doesn't apply at WBAI anymre, that is why listeners have no voice and no way to lodge protest other than to forcefully enter the premises and articulate our concerns over the air. Much respect and adimiration goes out to the brave ones from this morning!! Thank you for taking so much risk to liberate our airwaves - nothing other than our democracy is at stake!!! Thank you.

Stay tuned to the IMC for more updates on this morning's action!



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