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Chicago March Against Police Brutality

On the March a large number of people marched, and we got to communicate with residents in the area--- connect with people. It was effective and good. One summary of events.
One of the good things about the March on Sat. in Chicago was going through the residential area on a saturday. The March passed a lot of people who gave support, and people were able to communicate with each other well at many times.

Also, personally I felt because we were able to do things besides conflict with police, since we were able to talk to people, the March was more productive than other marches. Some times at marches, its felt like the people most familiar with critiques of capitalism, brutality, and on, were police, since they were the only people with whom we in the March communicated with.

Here, I think we were not passive, but also not unprodcutively preoccupied with the police. At some points police tried to restrict our rights, as when the March was blocked. At that time poeple did agitate against that and support each other (I remember seeing Andy Thayer not back down from a line of police on tall horses, and thats a testimony to him and all the Marchers. Right on.). Also, it was good that we supported each other quickl;y and well when police harrassed people along the March. At these times we were well to do what we did I think..

Many of us spontanously planted our signs on the lawn of Dick Devines house, as witness to his misdeeds and peoples resolve to have justice and end police brutality.
There were dozens of signs in the ground as we left.

I think many good things happened on the March. The March was something to build on! Particuylarly connecting with people on the way as the March of a lot of people went on down the street (or sidewalk). Some people even joined in! For the day everyone converges for justice!



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