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Protest Biotech's Corporatization of Nature

Show of Strength--Show of Concern, Crucial!
Show the Biotech Industry What You Think about GE Foods!
Corporatization and manipulation of plant, animal, baterial and viral genes is opening the way for the mega corporations to alter, patent and own life: will allow them to privatize all food production, destroy earth's diversity and make everyone dependent on their patented genetically altered foods. Help GeneWise stop the madness.
Show of Strength--Show of Concern, Crucial!
Show the Biotech Industry What You Think about GE Foods!

March with GeneWise to protest another food biotech conference. Start time is 10:30am. Join with GeneWise in a solemn funeral procession as it makes its way from Chicago's landmark Water Tower (NW corner of Chicago and Michigan Avenues) to the food biotech conference being held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago hotel (east of Michigan on Wacker). There will be a short stop in front of WGN studios/Tribune Tower in protest of their failure to report any unfavorable news about genetic engineering (GE).

If you can't make march from the beginning, please try to make it to the Hyatt around noon to show your support and concern!

According to the biotech industry, the growing opposition to genetically engineered foods "stands to undermine the value of significant research and development and disrupt marketing and the corporate bottom line." So, they have to conspire to work out ways to manipulate or coerce the public into acceptance of their genetically altered products.

The procession down Michigan Avenue will proceed solemnly to emphasize how critical this issue has become. Two posters: "Nature is Dying" and "Biotech=Death" sum up the serious mood of this protest.

If possible, participants should wear a corporate-style business attire to emphasize "who" is forcing this risky technology upon the public without its knowledge or desire. For more information contact: GeneWise 773.258.0575 or check the website at

If you'd like to help with preparations for the event: there will be a meeting at Art & Revolution, 1339 W. Lake Street, Monday at 6pm.



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