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Thousands March for Justice in Cincinnati

On Saturday, June 2, an estimated 3000 marchers gathered in downtown Cincinnati to demand justice for the police murder of 19 year old black youth Timothy Thomas and called for an end to decades of racist police violence. Sponsored by of local and national groups, the National March for Justice was the largest mobilization Cincinnati has seen in years. Activists also descended on the wealthy, largely white Mount Adams neighborhood to enact a”>citizen’s state of emergency and curfew in order to dramatize the wide disparity of treatment Cincinnati’s poorer communities of color receive at the hands of police. Cincinnati police responded with pepper spray, arresting 12.
Organizers are vowing to maintain jail solidarity in front of Cincinnati’s Justice Center until all those arrested are freed. Check out these href="”>photos of the March for Justice. For breaking news, and see the updates posted by Chicago IMC below.



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