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Demands of Jail Solidarity Protestors Ripped Up by Police

Two radical cheerleaders, Vickie and Jenka, presented demands composed by jail solidarity protestors to two police officers at the prisoners' holding block of Cincinnati's Justice Center. Officers replied, "We cannot forward demands to our superiors."

By chance Vickie and Jenka encountered an officer on duty, Sergeant Kincaid, outside the building smoking a cigarette. They said that they would like to present the demands.

The sergeant took the paper and tore it into pieces, tried to hand back the pieces, but then threw them on the ground.

Protestors outside of the Justice Center composed the following:

List of Demands

To the Chief of Police and the Mayor of Cincinnati:

We the people of Cincinnati and supporters from all over the world demand the following:

1. Justice for Timothy Thomas through reparations to his family for his wrongful death at the hands of the Cincinnati Police.

2. The firing of officer Steven Roach;

3. The immediate release of all protestors arrested during Saturday's protest;

4. That all charges against arrested protestors be _immediately_ dropped;

5. That all charges against people arrested during the recent state of emergency be _immediately_ dropped;

6. That all officers who either belong to racist organizations, have ties to the KKK, or have expressed racist views be fired.

A vigil is currently being held outside of the Justice Center at Sycamore and Central Parkway in Cincinnati and all concerned citizens are invited to participate.



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