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Cincinnati Update: Thousands Protest Downtown, Arrests at Mount Adams Action

Summary of IMC news flashes: Despite intermittent rain, an estimated 3000 people gathered at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati for a rally against police brutality. At least 7 were arrested at protest in Mount Adams as police attacked demonstrators with chemical weapons. Two Chicago Radical Anarchist Youth Organizing Network activists are among those reported arrested.
Despite intermittent rain, an estimated three thousand protesters gathered at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati for a rally against police brutality. Prominent local themes also included the struggle for economic justice and the building of community solidarity. Speakers included the mothers of Timothy Thomas and Adrian Reynolds, both young black men from Cincinnati and Louisville, respectively, who died recently at the hands of authorities. Marcher continued to the Over-The-Rhine neighborhood, where much of the rioting sparked by the April 7th murder of Timothy Thomas by Cincinatti Police Department officer Steve Roach occured.

2:30 PM

After progressing from Vine St. to 12th and pausing for a moment of silence at the spot where Timothy Thomas was murdered, the march has peacefully reached the Mac Day celebration. Portions of the crowd have dispersed, but the majority have remained to enjoy the festivities.

The march has just reached it's final destination and there are currently no reports of violence. There was a moment of silence observed near the alley where Timothy Thomas was shot. More updates will be available soon.

Mount Adams action by Revolutionary Anti-Authortarian Bloc

According to latest reports, the Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarian contingent marched on Mount Adams, a wealthy Cincinnati neighborhood, following the March for Justice. 50-60 protesters have been contained at the intersection of St. Gregory street and Hatch street in Mount Adams, an wealthy Cincinnati neighborhood. Police are reported to have used a chemical irritant to try and break up the action. At least 7 people were reported arrested, including two affinity group medics. A jail solidarity vigil is planned for those arrested at the local "Justice" Center

Below is a preliminary list of affiliations of the 7 known to be under arrest at this time

2 Chicago Radical Anarchist Youth Organizing Network-CRAYON members
1 NYC or DC IMC member
1 Ya Basta/New Kids on the Black Block(NKOBB)
1 Refuse and Resist
1 Legal
1 DC IMC/Radical Cheerleader

Updates to follow



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