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Ohio Valley IMC Work-Around For Netscape Users

Here’s how you can access the Ohio Valley IMC if you use Netscape and are having trouble getting the mainpage to load.
Here a way around the problem.

Cut and paste this URL into your browser:

This seems to be the most recent story posted as I write this. Then you can simply change the very last number, 454, DECREASING it to a lower number incrementally, e.g. to 453, then to 452, etc., to read the stories individually. I had no problem doing things this way and can now read all the stories one at a time.

They are working on the problem at OVIMC, but until the code is fixed this method will allow you to read the stories posted there. As more stories are posted later today INCREASE the number mentioned above and you will be able to get those stories as they appear. When you get to the end of all posted stories, you will get a server error message.

Thanks to the crew at OVIMC for working to figure this out. I wish them good luck and solidarity.



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