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Argentinian workers need your support!

Spanish goverment wants to leave 7000 argentinan families unemployed
Aerolineas workers are fighting for their jobs. The SEPI corporation wants to close the airline or makes workers quit their rights. Spanish goverment who's a very important accionist of SEPI wants low salaries, less rest hours and more explotation.
Since argentinian goverment sold the airline to SEPI 10 years ago, they have sold most of airplanes and takes Aerolineas Argentins directly to the crack. And now they want to leave 500 families unemployed.
Aerolineas workers have interrupted many Iberia (spanish airline) flights, and make many demostration. Their fight had a big support from people all over the country.
Support Aerolineas Argentinas workers!
Please send your solidarity to: solidaridadaerolineas (at)

Make a support demostrations and rallys in the Spanish Embassy in your country or city..

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