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Corporate Duo-poly Steals U.S. Election Process

Please help me to defend democracy by forewarding the following open letter to editors of your local newspapers.
An Open Letter to the Editors of the Pioneer Press and Other Major Newspapers

Ronald Clark, Editorial Page Editor
Glenda Holste, Editorial Writer
D. J. Tice, Editorial Writer
Steven Dornfeld, Associate Editorial Page Editor

My heart is heavy as I write and consider the intellectual and emotional trauma I've experienced since I read your editorial writer's reviews of the presidential debates.

Although three out of four of the editors expressed disapproval of the theatrics or the ommission of substance, I was appalled by all of your editor's grave ommission of a very important fact: the rigging, for the exclusion of minor-party candidates, of participation in the debates with the two major partie's candidates.

As you well know, for over twenty years, the League of Women Voters has provided the forum and terms for the debates. As you well know, they refused to capitulate to the major parties demands to exclude minor party candidates from participation, viewing this as an attack on an essential part of the democratic processes. Which it is. As you well know, the two major parties set up a "front" organization, through Budweiser, to give them the terms they demanded.

Your ommission, which the most fundemental knowledge of the dynamics of democracy provides through Civics I, is for the necessity of inclusion for it to be a true democracy. Your ommision is so glaring that it is nearly impossible for me to not believe that it is deliberate.

Your newspaper, and other major newspapers throughout the nation, have severely reneged on your civic responsibility to protect democracy. The magnitude of the implications are frightening to contemplate. It's ironic that, on the very same day, you published a commentary from a woman that
writes for the Washington Post which went to great, Orwellien, lengths to justify the media's irresponsibility with regard to hard, critical news, as opposed to info-tainment or spin.

This stripping of the electoral process of inclusiveness deserves a front page headline with justifyable critism. Yet, I seriously question whether or not you'd have the civic consciense or integrity to place it there.

It was particulary hypocritical that lead editor Ronald Clark bemoaned the absense of third-party candidates while neglecting to reveal why they were not there.

Obviously, it's certain that not all of the editiors were totally oblivious - I doubt that any were - to what occurred. Editorial writer Glenda Holste alluded to knowledge of what occured when she wrote, "a much bigger strategy that takes pains to exclude third-party candidates." In fact, it been the successful strategy of the corporate duo-poly to steal an essential part of the democratic processes. And, the major media is complicit in this crime through their conspiracy of silence.

It does not require much imagination to perceive of just how fraudulent I believe the corporate media has become. Founding Fathers and soldiers who died for democracy must be turning over in their graves.

You have my permission to publish this letter, although I would not "hold my breath" while I wait for you to rediscover your conscience.

J. P. Phinney



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