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The Pro-Democracy Convention

Over the weekend of June 29th-July 1st, 2001, in Philadelphia, PA., a National Pro-Democracy Convention will be held. We urge you to make plans to attend!
The National Pro-Democracy Convention will be a vehicle to gather up and galvanize the disparate and disaffected constituencies and movements outraged by a flawed election, as well as civic-minded organizations and agencies committed to exploring electoral reforms and other avenues to strengthen our democracy. The conference will not be an end in and of itself but a critical part of the process of building a permanent movement for far-ranging reforms in our democratic system.

At the Pro-Democracy Convention you will:
-Learn about how our democratic system of government has evolved down through history
-Understand more about the flaws and failings of Election 2000
-Examine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as it relates to democratic partcipation and how various international bodies monitor elections
-Learn about alternative ways of practicing democracy in countries like South Africa, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and nations of Europe
-Discuss specific proposals for reform as present in the Voters' Bill of Rights
-Explore various ways and means of following up and sustaining momentum afterwards.

We urge you to be in touch and get involved. Let's build the pro-democracy movement!



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