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Matches & Mayhem

"Matches & Mayhem is a three day celebration of anarchist culture and struggle. In literature, propaganda, debate, sport, performance and film anarchists advance their will to fight and a vision of what the good fight is for."
FYI- I just got an email about this. Events start this Friday night with a Film Festival at Columbia College and run through Sunday. From the web site: "The Propaganda Gallery features the work and play of activists knocking the status quo with brash posters, stencils and flypapers. A diverse selection of documentary and feature movies made by anarchists are screened during the Anarchist Film Festival. Peruse the tables at the Midwest Anarchist Bookfair. Throw in your two cents during the Anarchist Debate Series. Join a squad of hooligans (on the field or on the sidelines) for the Haymarket Memorial Soccer Tournament. Enjoy the best (and second best) that anarchists have to offer in song, tap dance, yodeling and more during the Variety Show."



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