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Camp Ceasar Chavez (Little Village) Update

Paul Vallas/Daley are blasting the action at 31st and Kostner as "politically motivated." Well, duh. Support the hunger strikers! Now is the time.
Paul Vallas-Daley has been on the Tell-lie-vision saying that the people at Camp Caesar Chavez at 31st and Kostner are being "manipulated" by their alderman and that is the reason they are forgoing everything but water until a high school is built as promised in La Vilita. As someone who has been to the Camp, its just not true. The alderman is there, but the people there know exactly what they want, and what they are doing.

This is a major action, powerful and full of potential. Vallas-Daley are already setting up their contigency plan for when they have to cave-in to the demands. They are saying the school will only be built if a bill for funding passes the Illinois Legislature. That bill happens to be on the verge of passing. Fact is, there is enough money already allocated. This bill is just cover for if the People force Vallas-Daley to give-in. Support the strikers, now is the time!

This means; the action is working! Go to 31st and Kostner and see for yourself! Learn! I urge you.



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