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World Bank Cancels June Meeting in Barcelona

The next big protest against capitalist globalisation
was to take place in Barcelona June 26th. The World Bank was meeting there.

Over the weekend the World Bank announced they were cancelling the meeting _because_ of the protests that have been planned. Below is an article translated by an anarchist in Spain from the mainstream press there.

Note that the planned protests will go ahead anyway


The World Bank cancels its Barcelona meeting for fear of anti-globalisation groups.

This organisation has suspended the meeting assuring that it must "pronounce against intimidation." The callers of the protests consider this to be a success.

"It was all out of proportion." In this way, Susana Esteban, one of the spokespeople of the World Bank in Europe justified their decision, assuring that the meeting in Barcelona "wasn't worth all the bother" due to the acts
that the antiglobalisation movement had planned.

Caroline Anstey, spokesperson of the World Bank, said yesterday (Saturday):
"A conference on reducing poverty must take place in an atmospher of peace, without provocations, violence and intimidation."

One of the members of the antiglobalisation movement said that the cancelling of the meeting "confirms the success of our goals; it is the first time that something similar had happened."

Although the conference will not be held, a member of the movement explained: "Next Tuesday we will say what is our position concerning the decision of the World Bank, what is most likely is that our counterconferences and all the other acts will be held just the same.

The activists of the movement have it clear in their heads the motives that brought the WB to cancell the meeting and to decide to hold it using electronic methods: "fear."

The objectives of the aborted meeting were limited to, according to the campaign against the WB, "cleaning its image which would have been impossible due to the force and amplitude of the foreseen mobilisations."

The Barcelona meeting has been suspended, but the academic meeting carries on. The debate will be held through Internet, "a real symbol of globalisation" as described by a member of the antglobalisation movement.

And if the meeting is carried out on INternet, the protests will contintue as planned. From 22 June to 27th, the campaign against the WB expects thousands of people to come to the events which they have organisaed and do not plan on cancelling.




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