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Genetically Engineered Food Awareness Rally

Join us today for speakers, outdoor theater, and a press conference to raise awarness of genetically engineered foods
Come out today and take part in raiseing consumer awareness of genetically engineered foods. We need support at all levels and everyone is welcome. This promises to be a important as well as entertaining event featuring a signature drive to label GE foods, outdoor theater with giant salmon and super bugs, and speakers from Canada and the East coast. The event is free to everyone interested.

WHAT: Genetic Engineered Food Awareness Rally
WHERE: The Wyndham Hotel, Chicago - Erie and St. Claire (633 N. St. Clair)
WHEN: Tuesday May 22nd, 12:00 sharp
WHY: American's are eating GE and it has not been tested for long term health or environmental consequences.
CONTACT:, Art & Revolution

Questions... contact Jim at 708-258-0575

See you then!



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