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The Real Deal in Little Village!

The action at Little Village (31 and Kostner) is better than words can describe. Go there tomorrow (friday) at 7 for a rally. You will find it Awesome.
The Real Deal is going on at 31st and Kostner my compadres! Go there and learn. And help. And Learn.

31st and Kostner. Little Village. 7 pm, Friday. And after.

The action is to demand building a high school that was promised to the people in the area for a year. Two other high schools in different neighborhoods have been built already (with twice as much funding as proposed in Little Village). The action includes a hunger strike by mothers of the area. It also includes discussions at the site, many psoters and leaflet handings-out along Kostner, and car caravans through Little Village neighborhoods.

Although not the purpose of the happenings at 31st and Kostner, an added side benefit may be that for everyone who is perhaps a Person Not of Color who wonders where all the People of Color are, your answer might be found at 31st and Kostner.



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