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Anarchist Film Fest in Chicago May 25 & 27

The Anarchist Film Festival starts off and closes Matches and Mayhem, May 25-27, a celebration of anarchist culture. Here's the schedule for Friday, 25th, and Sunday 27th.
Last year the Anarchist Film Festival was a
great success. It screened a wide assortment of
inspiring, entertaining, and thoroughly radical
films by and about anarchists. This year's Film
Festival builds on that accomplishment.

The second Anarchist Film Festival will take
place May 25 and 27 in Chicago, along with the
other Matches and Mayhem events: the Anarchist
Bookfair, Variety Show, Debates and Soccer

This year's Festival selects from an even larger
pool of submissions. Two screenings will feature
documentaries, narrative shorts, and a feature
length film.

More info at:

Friday, May 25, 7pm
623 S Wabash, Room 203

Reclaim the Streets San Francisco
(15 min by Jino Choi)
Counterculture takes over the streets of
downtown SF, with dance music and radical
politics. A fun, inspiring documentary.

Criminalizing Dissent
(8 min, NYC Indymedia, et al)
A sweeping overview of government repression in
the wake of Seattle. Looks at anti-goblization
action and police reaction through street-level
footage and interviews.

Winstansley (95 min, by Kevin Brownlow)
The dramatized history of a 1600's British
movement called the Diggers. A nonviolent
collective, the Diggers are devoted to tilling
the soil that has been neglected by the British
bluebloods. It isn't long before the landowners
send their minions to burn out and kill the
Diggers. Filmed in a beautiful black and white
documentary style by Kevin Brownlow and Andrew

Sunday, May 27, 7pm
Chopin Theater, 1573 W Division

Surveillance Camera Players
(8 min, by Surveillance Camera Players)
New York artists perform for Big Brother's
surveillance cameras. Bill Brown leads a troupe
of activists to raise awareness of the
increasing prevalence of cameras watching public

Contestational Robotics
(5 min by the Institute for Applied Autonomy)
A brief introduction to the work of the
Institute for Applied Autonomy, robotic
inventions that spread radical propaganda,
flaunt graffiti laws, and extend activists'

Subverting Media (30 min by Paper Tiger TV)
A trip through the alternative media scene,
meeting East Harlem muralist James De La Vega;
anti-patriarchal poster collective, Sister
Serpents; Bronx based graffiti group, Tats Cru;
Sabrina Margarita Sandata, a feminist zinester
challenging social and cultural stereotypes.
Guaranteed to get you on the streets, defying
corporate media, and spreading your own message.

Money Belt (10 min by Carolina Pfister)
A thoughtful video memoir of a trip to New York,
in which the Brazilian filmmaker describes "the
shallow extravagances of American culture."

Frog in the Well
(30 min by Cervando David Martinez)
The biography of Ho-Kun Yuen, a Chinese
immigrant to San Francisco in 1949. Yuen
thoroughly documented the social movements of
the Bay Area for over three decades. His archive
and the philosophy behind it remained almost
unkown until his death in 1997



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