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Dear Authorities in Despair

There are plenty of real serious crimes not being investigated! So why
are all these information gathering agencies wasting our tax money on
puny little activists with an attitude...?!
Dear Authorities in Despair

The Federal Bureaus of Intimidation focus 95% of what little brains
they have on protecting their asses, the assholes who pay them, and the
tight asses who pay the assholes; and it just goes on and on, up the
ladder from there. Their paranoid mentality and their compulsive habit
of overreacting is what does them in.

Don't be surprised...They're trained for that. Apparently, some outfits
need them. Just don't look to them for creative long term planning...

If you agents REALLY want to find out where the REAL criminals are, just
look up the ladder at who's pulling the strings and keeping you busy.
I'm not suggesting most of you are bad or evil or totally stupid...
You're just unconscious mercenaries for the most part and the students
all around the world are trying to wake you up before the mess gets
worse. If only you could all wake up at the same time, it would be
wonderful. But it's hard to wake up, I know that. I'm asleep quite a bit

So don't get all bent out of shape just because some of us freedom
writers go overboard once in a blue Moon in expressing our opinions.

You should damn well be thankful at the tremendous restraint and
discipline being demonstrated by all of us with a conscience who condemn
your guilt ridden, paranoid, over glorified, glow-ballistic
conglomerackets of Hell Weavers, Master Bullies and Deceitful

How about checking the multitudes of crimes committed by your
"superiors" (yeah right: your gigantically hypocritical immoral
government!!) Look into the IRREFUTABLE PROOF regarding the design and
widespread deployment of the HIV Virus for example...Yes, the US
Department of Defense is responsible for AIDS. You didn't know...???!!!
What good are you?!

For the irrefutable proof, refer to Boyd Graves and Len Horowitz (and
learn something about appropriate and efficient investigations...

Lighten up guys! The tide is going to swing during the next 12 years
with or without you. So don't quit your day job right away, just try and
wake up and remember who you are. The rest will come naturally...

What? You don't like wise guys? Wisdom is good. Love is good. Power is
good. And power should not be concentrated in the hands of a few
ideologically retarded robots of the archaic lunatic fringe, maintaining
the trance through their incessant barrage of inanities, insanities and

I hope you understand some of it.


Len Horowitz:

Boyd Graves:



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