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Protest President Bush - May, 20!

On May 20, President Bush is speaking at Notre Dame's commencement. Join our protest!
President Bush is giving the commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame (in South Bend, Indiana). and will be honored (unfortunately!) with a law degree. A diverse coalition of students, faculty, and community members are upset at the administration's choice - as the values and policies of President Bush stand in sharp opposition to those of our own, and the Catholic values that our University stands for.

We are focussing on his support for the death penalty (152 executions while he was governor), terrible environmental policies (global warming, drilling in Alaska, perhaps even nuclear power!), opposition to worker's rights (FTAA, ergonomics bill, etc), and his military build-up (national missile defense - star wars).

We will meet at a local park (Leeper park) at 11am, and then walk to campus where we will rally outside the commencement until it starts at 2pm.

Please visit the website for details on the protest. Everyone is invited!



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