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Little Village Demands a New High School!

Little Village residents have initiated a hunger strike in protest of the non-construction of a much needed high school at 31st & Kostner. Paul Vallas promised a high school would be built at 31st & Kostner 3 years ago and has not done anything since. The residents of Little Village will not sit idle and wait any longer! Little Village demands a High School be built at 31st & Kostner Now!
On Sunday May 14 a group of mothers from the Little Village community began a hunger strike in protest of the board of education's delay of the construction of a long overdue promised high school on 31st & Kostner. Several residents, parents & youth of Little Village have since Sunday taken over the 31st & Kostner site. The high school was promised by the board of education three years ago along with two other schools, the Walter Payton High School & North Side Prep. These other two high schools have been built and opened, while funding for Little Village's school has not yet been found. The broken promises of the board of education, the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois continue to undermine and abandon the needs of Little Village youth and their community. The reasons for the delay are obviously political and strategic on the part of the mayor and his puppet Latino representatives (Ald. Danny Solis, State Senator Tony Munoz, State Rep. Eddie Acevedo & State Rep. Susana Mendoza). Ever since the loss of State Senator Jesus Garcia and State Rep. Sonia Silva the Little Village community has been struggling to receive the resources it deserves, including the long over due high school. This political manuver was created on the part of the mayor and these mexican puppets to make Ald. Rick Munoz, one the last of the independent voices in city hall, look bad for the upcoming elections in 2003. However,it is the community and most importantly the youth who will suffer the most! This is just another tool of criminalizing our youth and our community. The mayor recently cut over 15,000 summer jobs for youth, has re-instated the anti-gang loitering ordinance and is now with the help of the Latino sellouts blocking the construction of a much needed high school in Little Village. The residents and youth of Little Village will stnad for it no longer! 14 parents have joined the hunger strike and have vowed not to eat until Paul Vallas agrees to build the high school at 31st & Kostner. If anything happens to these 14 individuals who have put their lives and jobs at stake it is Paul Vallas, Mayor Daley and the Sellouts we have to blame. The people of Little Village have spoken!

1. Come support the 14 hunger strikers at 31st & Kostner
2. Call Paul Vallas @ 773-553-1500 to demand the high
school be built now! And Where is the money??????



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