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Appeal for 8 Hungarian Anarchist Prisoners held in Prague

Eight Hungarian anarchists were still being held in a Prague jail under charges stemming from the S26

Based on information received Saturday 7 Oct


8 anarchist comrades from Hungary were arrested after the S26 demonstrations in Prague. All these
comrades are accused of the crime called 'an attack against a public official' (in this case policemen) and all are still in custody. Their names are:
Laszlo Baki
Gabor Baki
Tomas Ivady
Istvan Laszlo Bagi
Arne Michael Holz
Agnes Sara Staller
Aniko Kocsis
Anita Nemethne Rafli

All have an lawyer ex offo appointed by the state, but because these kind of lawyers
are usually not too concerned, we have found a new lawyer for them. He will take this case and his work will cost less than is normal, however we still will need money for the defence costs.

Pleases send donations to
The account of ORA-Solidarity at:
IPB Blansko, Rozmitalova 6, 67801 Blansko

[Note from WSM: The average wage in the Czech republic is less then 400 dollars a month so even a
seemingly small donation from groups or individuals in western countries might be equivalent to a day or even a weeks wages]

A demonstration in support of the Hungarian comrades has already taken place in front of the Czech embassy in France, but here is urgent need for more international pressure to demand they are released and that all charges against them are dropped.

We would urge you to
1. Send a letter/email/fax to the addresses below
2. Organise a picket of your local Czech embassy

Contacts to authorities follow:

Office of President Vaclav Havel:
4202 24310855 phone
4202 24373196 fax
e-mail: president (at)

Ministry of the Interior:
4202 61421115
4202/6143 3552-3 (fax)
e-mail: stiznosti (at)

e-mail: oks (at)

Ministry of Justice
mail: Vysehradska 16, 128 10 Praha 2
4202 21997111 phone
4202 24919927

Hungarian embassy in Prague:
mail: 225 37 Praha 6, Badeniho 1, P.O. Box 37
4202 3332 4454 phone
4202 3332 2104 fax
e-mail: huembprg (at)

David Lorenc
ORA-Solidarity, Prague
Andrew Flood
Workers Solidarity Movement, Ireland

Here you can find two photos of one of Hungarian comrades who is arrested by the secret policemen.

>From Irelands's Workers Solidarity Movement

Read the International Anarchist Platform
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