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Rally Against Genetic Engineering!

Did you know you're eating genetically mutated food? Did you know it's not labeled? Did you know the Europeans are refusing to eat it? Did you know scientists are gathereing here in Chicago to make sure you swallow?!!
WHAT: Anti Genetic Engineering (GE)Rally
Pro Safe Food Rally
WHERE: The Wyndham Hotel, Chicago - Erie and St. Claire
WHEN: Tuesday May 22nd, 12:00 sharp
WHY: American's are eating GE and don't even know!
CONTACT:, Art & Revolution
gefreeforme (at), 1-773-258-0575

Please join us on Tuesday May 22nd and take part in a rally against business as usual in the BioTech industry. Scientists from around the midwest will be present, as well as the press national press. What, they didn't invite you?

We are meeting at 12:00 sharp on the corners of Erie and St. Claire, one block East of Michigan Ave. The Wyndham hotel is there and will be hosting the proBioTech conferenec we're against.

Guess what the name of the proBioTech conference is...

High Anxiety and BioTechnology:
Who's Buying, Who's Not, and Why.

Are you "buying"? Oh, you bet you are! See this BioCrap is NOT labeled and it's in every thing from Coke to Corn Flakes and it's not been tested long term and it's not being left up to us to choose! Come out and we'll tell all the smart people from the Universities that THE CITY OF BROAD SHOULDERS WILL NOT BE BEARING THE BURDEN OF THEIR PROFIT MOTIVATED GENETICALLY ENGINEERED WORLD.
Are you in?

P.S. If your are a representative of law enforment and reading this, YOUR BUYING TOO. So's your mom, so's your eight year old nephew, so's wife or husband, police chief, director of personel, dispatcher, tax attorney, friend, lover and priest. We're all buing. Think about it and if it bothers you, GOOD! Contact us, as a citizen if you have to, and let's work together. We're all in it together.

In defense of life, health and the safety people,
Art & Revolution
and you.



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