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No Airport! Rally in Peotone this Saturday

Rally and parade to take place in Peotone Saturday, May 12.
This Saturday, May 12, organizers of the grassroots organization STAND (Shut This Airport Nightmare Down) have called for a rally in Peotone, Illinois, the proposed location for a new commercial airport.
Rally organizers feel that another commercial airport to service the metro Chicago area is not needed, will not be commercially successful, will poison Peotone with air and noise pollution, and will forever destroy productive farmland and valuable forest preserves.
According to STAND's newsletter, The Rural Life Standard: "This rally is not just to protest the imposition of landbanking for this unwanted airport, but also to celebrate our communities, our farms, our homes, our fields, our animals, our neighbors, and the wonderful livability we all enjoy."
Organizers are asking all who care about family farms, urban sprawl, and open space in Illinois to join them in the rally.


Saturday, May 12, noon
Parade starts at Peotone Elementary, 426 N. Conrad, Peotone
Go west on Crawford Ave. off of Route 50 and turn right to school. Arrive early!

Rally at Peotone High School, May 12th, 1pm

Sponsored by STAND (Shut This Airport Nightmare Down)
For more info: STAND - 847-483-1095 or rural_stand (at)



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