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JUNE 1.2.3 - Call of an Anti-Authoritarian Bloc at the March for Justice in Cincinnati June 1-3
We are tired of police murder, police abuse and police harassment. 6 Black men have been killed by the Cincinnati police since September and the people of Cincinnati have already risen in rebellion once.

A number of groups have called for a “peaceful, legal, respectful march”. We feel that the struggle had already gone further than whining for the privileged of not being murdered. The struggle has already advanced, we need to keep it there. Many groups have called have called
for “calm” or “peace”. What they really mean is “Silence”. We wish to show that we will not be silent and that there can be no peace while brutal murdering cops roam free in our community.

Last year, during the TABD conference, Anarchists raised the ante on social struggle in Cincinnati and were the only group willing to link neo-liberalism abroad with racism and repression at home. We need to continue where we left off in November.

June 1-3 will see a variety of groups come to Cincinnati and mobilize for actions at the justice center and marches through the streets. We are calling on any comrades willing and able to come and join our bloc within these actions to do so. We wish to unite our contingent around the following demands:

1) We consider all people arrested during the Cincinnati rebellion to be Freedom Fighters and Prisoners of War. We Demand their unconditional Release.

2) We Demand that all charges be dropped against all people arrested in Cincinnati between 4/9/01 and 4/15/01. We don't care what the charges are we want them all dropped. We declare all resistance to injustice to have equal validity

3) We demand an end to police fraternization with Neo-Nazi groups. We demand that Police Union leaders and members sever all ties with David Duke, Matt Hale, the National Alliance, Richard Barrett and the Nationalist Movement. We demand that Keith Fangman, head of the Cincinnati FOP, apologize to the community for his racism and alliances with white supremacists and step down without compensation or pension.

4) We Demand the immediate resignation of all ranking officers of the Cincinnati Police Department, The entire City Council and the Mayor, and the City Manager. We further demand that they relieve no severance compensation or pensions.

5) We Demand an end to murder, brutality, false arrest and wrongful imprisonment by the Cincinnati Police. We demand an end to the railroading of our brothers and sisters through a racist and unjust court system.

We intend to march strong and proud through the streets of Cincinnati and show the people here that the whole world is on their side and we will not rest until justice is done. We are not calling for any specific action or actions during any protest or march. We declare in advance that all resistance to oppression is valid and supported .

We are asking other anti-authoritarian groups and collectives to join us for the whole weekend. We are asking that people ignore plea’s for calm or respectful
demonstrations. We will be calm and respectful when justice is done.

We are asking groups to publicize this action far and wide and calling for additional endorsements from like minded individuals, groups and collectives. We are prepared to provided housing, food and meaningful participation in the decision making process about these events to all out of town participants.

Forward to A Free World! Stand Against Racism and Oppression! Down with the Police State!

First Justice, then Peace,
Cincinnati Anti-Racist Action

Contact us at cincyara (at)



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