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Ohio Valley IMC Subpoenaed

Reposted from Urbana-Champaign IMC: Reports from the Ohio Valley IMC site indicate that the owner of the IP address that they use has been slapped with a subpoena from an Ohio grand jury to turn over records relating to a post made May 6 on the IMC site.
The post relates to the police officer indicted this week on misdemeanor charges in the killing of a unarmed black youth that sparked days of protests in the last month. The subpoena references the message by its title and requests all information relating to the post in question by Friday, May 11. Joshua Robinson, the IP address owner and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky, is in consultation with lawyers and activists involved in resisting a similarly unconstitutional request made by the FBI and SS to the Seattle IMC at the height of the Quebec anti-FTAA actions in April.

A separate post indicates that the Ohio Valley IMC runs software that does not log information, so that the grand jury already has what little information there is that is kept by the IMC server.

The Ohio Valley IMC has carried a great deal of news regarding recent protests related to the killing of 19-year old Timothy Thomas, apparently making it a target of prosecutors that give a higher priority to those who dare challenge the status quo in Cincinnati than they do to investigating a string of killings of 15 black men.

Follow the link on the left of this page to the Ohio Valley IMC for coverage of the story.

The link below leads to an image of the subpoena.



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