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A Chiapas Media Project video presentation at the Harold Washington Library

Chiapas: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
5:00 pm Video Screening at the Harold Washington Library

The Chiapas Media Project will present the most recent short video documentaries produced and directed by indigenous video makers of Chiapas, Mexico.
The Video Documentaries that will be shown are:

The Sacred Land
(Tzeltal and Spanish with English sub-titles, 18:36 min.)

For more then 500 years indigenous people in Chiapas have been struggling to regain ownership of their lands. Until the Zapatista uprising in 1994, most indigenous people in Chiapas existed by working on large plantations for rich landowners. It includes stories that go back four enerations about slavery-like conditions in which people worked for the “rancheros”. The Sacred Land helps provide a context for the events of 1994 through unique insight into the past. Community members reflect on how life has changed
since 1994 and express their hopes and dreams for their collective future.

Education in Resistance: Autonomous Education in Chiapas
(Tzeltal and Spanish with English sub-titles, 21:03 min.)

The Mexican Constitution states that every citizen has a right to a free education. For many Mexicans, especially those of indigenous heritage, this right has never been realized. Education in Resistance looks at the education system that the Mexican government has been providing to
indigenous people in Chiapas and why they decided to create an autonomous educational system. Elders describe their experiences in government schools, where they had to pay to attend and often experienced physical and psychological abuse. Education promoters in the autonomous system speak
about their desire to teach in their communities, the importance of teaching bi-lingual classes, how military presence affects daily life and parents express their hopes for their new educational system.



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