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Current Mobilizations Around the World

I think it would be good to get a weekly digest of at least some of the mobilizations which occur around the world. This would give us a better sense of solidarity. Particularly in the Poor Countries (for lack of a better term, of which Third World is particularly bad).
I think it would be beneficial to have a weekly briefing of mobilizations, including marches, occurring all over the world. It is important for us in the US to realize mass struggle is occurring on large scales around the world, specifically in the Global South (I wish a better name existed for these most oppressed countries).

As an example, the mobilizations listed below occurred in the last few months, most in the last few days, and I found them with very little search time.

One Note: Since I don't know the background to most of these actions, please don't assume because something is on the list I support it occurring.

A List:

Tens of thousands of opposition party supporters in Nepal have held a demonstration in the capital, Kathmandu, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.

The protesters, led by the United Marxist-Leninist party, demanded that Mr Koirala resign over corruption allegations involving a deal to lease an aircraft from LaudaAir of Austria

: Thousands of Liberians took to the streets of Monrovia for the second time in as many days to protest against United Nations sanctions imposed on Liberia for fuelling war in West Africa. A ban on Liberia's diamond exports and travel by top officials took effect today, two months after the UN Security Council gave Liberia a period of grace to prove it had cut ties with Sierra Leone's notoriously brutal rebels.


"We will not back down until the government rescinds measures that are starving the Ecuadorian people, “ Mr. Vargas, the leader of the Indian movement leading the protests told the press.

His message sums up the feeling and the determination of the people of this small South American nation. For almost the whole month of January, there were protests throughout the country. The people want the government to stop implementing measures demanded by the International Monetary Fund. They say these measures are making their lives miserable as the cost of living is rising dramatically.

The government of Niger has banned a protest demanding the reopening of the country's sole university in Niamey, which has been closed since February following clashes between students and police. Organisers say the police banned the demonstration, citing security reasons. Gendarmes, policemen and other troops were deployed in front of the national assembly, which was the venue for the protest. The organisers described the ban as a serious violation of both the constitution and human rights. At least 46 people were injured during clashes in Niamey at the university in February.

Thousands of people have staged peaceful anti-government protests in the Algerian capital to demonstrate against what they called a government crackdown on ethnic Berbers. Helicopters hovered overhead and riot police stood guard as some five-thousand people staged a sit-in outside the prime minister's office in Algiers. The demonstration comes after at least 42 people died in ten days of violent rioting in the northeastern Kabyle region, home to Algeria's minority Berbers.


Leaders of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and its affiliates are expected to meet this week to discuss a national strike to protest against the privatisation of state enterprises.




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