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Attend the Socialist Summer School, June 14-17

Conference-- Socialist Summer School, June 14-17
EACH DAY, the multinational corporations and their political servants devise more ways to get ordinary people to pay the costs for their system.

In the backrooms of international summit meetings, they cook up trade deals to enrich themselves at our expense.

In the developing world, they use the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to bleed whole countries dry.

And in Washington, their friends in the Bush administration launch new attacks on all of us.

But around the world-from the streets of Seattle to the shantytowns of Bolivia-millions are drawing the line against these attacks.

We're coming together across borders. And we're fighting for a society that meets human needs, rather than serving corporate greed.

"Workers and oppressed peoples unite!" The Communist Manifesto exhorted. "You have nothing to lose but your chains. You have a world to win."

Summer School 2001 provides a forum where activists from today's struggles can come together to debate and discuss how we can win that world.

No boring academic lectures here . . . The more than 80 discussions on today's struggles, the socialist tradition, women's liberation and more aim to arm a new generation of fighters with the ideas they need to change the world today.

Make your plans to attend Socialist Summer School 2001 in Chicago on June 14-17.



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