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U.E. to hold benefit for Nader

UE District 11 to hold Benefit for Ralph Nader
Sisters and Brothers,

The UE is orgainzing a benefit for Nader at the District 11 Hall:

Time: 4:30 until 6:30 PM
Date: This Friday September 22, 2000
Place: UE Hall 37 S. Ashland

This is a "have a beer or soda, watch a very short video and talk to some union folks who are sick of the Dems and other bad guys" event.

They want to raise money, so bring your check book. I believe that they will have window signs and stuff like that. I'll be there and I think that you should be as well.

Solidarity and Struggle,

Richard Berg

P.S. Some of us are going to check out the Chicago Fire after this event. If you are interested, let me know.



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