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JeffBoat Update

Workers at JeffBoat, a major shipyard in Louisville, KY, wildcatted on May Day. This struggle is continuing. Here's the latest from one of the strikers.
Personal Account (english)
by anon wob 11:31am Wed May 2 '01

Fellow Workers,
I just arrived home for a minute and I see that Barry Norris has posted something about what is happening here. I may repeat some of that but please read on. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!
Today, May 2, I arrived at JeffBoat right before 6am. Six am is the minute that you can enter the gates to go to work. We were scared of what might happen today since, according to our contract, we are fired today. I can tell you that the picket lines have grown much stronger. At 6am some of us broke off to form a moving barricade at the main gate. The police and the sheriff were called out but REFUSED TO TAKE ACTION. The sheriff raised his fist and honked at us on the barricade before backing up and leaving.
Some fellow workers drove up to one of the main lines in a pickup truck and, standing in the back, announced that we know have a lawyer. We circulated the petition to go for a decertification/recertification vote and easily gathered the necessary numbers of signatures. I was asked to climb
onto the truck and talk. After I spoke, my fellow wildcaters were nearly unanimous in agreeing that our new union will NOT be affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Many folks are openly talking about the IWW as our union on the
ballot. As soon as I am finished typing this, I am putting together a special edition of the JeffBoat IWW newsletter, "River Worker."
A handful of fellow workers pulled out harmonicas and guitars and amps and began serenading the barricaders.
It was announced by our former chief steward that two principal Temaster representatives will be in town on Sunday. Apparently Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. is one of them. We are committed to telling Hoffa to shove it up his fucking
I will putting out a formal call to action and asking any and all Wobblies and militant unionists to stand beside us on Sunday. We need IWW banners. We need bodies as the Teamsters have announced there will be "security" there. We also need Wobblies to come to the lines and offer some
coffee or food and solidarity and let folks know that the IWW is different.
We need delegate supplies on a massive scale. We need flags and banners. Somehow, someway, in some magic of this first MayDay of the new millenium, we are winning this battle, Fellow Workers.



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