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pittsburgh mayday update

peaceful protests filled the streets with signs, puppets, bikes, a giant cake, music and most importantly, people.
the police broke it up, beat a few people and arrested 10.
torches used for fire juggling have been construed as being
molotov coctails and vinegar and bandanas are as well. there are still 7 people in jail as of tonight.
UPDATE AS OF 8:30 PM 5-2-01

1 minor was released
2 adults were released (1 male, 1 female)

3 are supposed to be released tonight sometime, but
rumor has it that they might not get out until tomorrow

1 of them has 1000 straight bail
the other has 1000 at 10%

the other 4 arestees are still being held.
2 are being held at $10,000 straight
2 are being held at $5,000 straight

(MAY 3) AT 9 AM

we need people to call their city council member and
demand that all charges be dropped and bails be lowered
signifigantly if not eliminated completely and that the
prisoners are all released immediately.

all of the hearings for the 9 arraigned prisoners will be
held on May 11 @ 1 pm

if you aren't from pittsburgh, you can call the deputy
mayor in charge of public safety:
sal sirabella - 412.255.2038

it has been stated that writing them letters will also help
in addressing that the charges should be dropped.

because mainstream media has portrayed the celebration
to be violent (after police discovered juggling sticks), we
are working on a press release about the police brutality
and non-violent celebration that was turned violent by
the police.

donations or borrowed money can be sent to:
Book Em
PO Box 71357
Pittsburgh PA 15213

phone contact for donations:
412.422.4030 - leave a message if nobody is home

A LOT of money has been raised, but we are
very needy of as much as possible to make bail for
these people.



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