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How the Hell is Walking On the Street a Victory?

So you're going to tell the 2 BILLION People in the world who live on a dollar a day you helped them by walking in the street of your city???
What the fuck is so grand about Marching in the Street? What do all you hard-ass Radicals accomplish by that act??? Basically, your only goal at that point is to have the "freedom" to do what the fuck you feel like doing at the time.

The Black Panthers spent most of their time building clinics and educating people.

What, you're going to report to the Fucking 2 Billion People in the World who live on a Dollar A Day that you were a bad-ass radical who walked the street in his or her own home town while the "feriocious" cops looked at you mean and sometimes (gasp!) pushed you?????

If you think those cops were Fascists, you are diluting the effectiveness of that word for when it really does apply.

Get Your Fucking Act Together, there are reasons why your fucking Marches Are So God-Damn Un-Diverse; Un-Diverse by Age, Un-Diverse By Color, Un-Diverse by Lifestyle. This shit is crippling the Goal.

You are all posturing against the police, and you know it. Tell me, if a group of Black or Latino people act like that out there, you think they would be treated as well as you were treated????

I was talking to one women at the March who was basically telling the cop she wanted to fight him right now, and I asked her if she was even a little afraid that there would actually be a fight. She said not at all. What she didn't understand was, had she been a person of color, that same shit could have landed her in the hospital or the morgue. Fucking Adventurists.

Where were you later on Ashland? That March, in contrast to yours, was attended by many people of color, kids, older people, younger people, families, people from a lot of different lifestyles. You can stay Adventurist/Hard, and your Marches will remain un-diverse, and go fucking walk on the street and feel great about yourself.



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