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Verification? Clarification?

Why is the only news I ever see posted here quoted from a Palestinian web site? Are we to believe that this site is TOTALLY unbiased? Where is any sort of independent verification? For instance, did Barak say publicly that he was meeting with Sharon "in preparation for a possible war in the Middle East. ", or is this an assumption made by the author of the article? Similarly, the author states about the UN resolution that "The U.S. opposed the action, but abstained from vetoing the resolution in the face of international consenus to condemn Israeli brutality." -- is this an official statement of the US UN Ambassador? If so, where is the citation? If not, is it fair to attribute such a motivation to the US?

I am rather troubled by what seems to be a consistent presentation of only one source (and, in my opinion, a rather biased and suspect source).



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