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INCREDIBLE FTAA ZiNE RELEASED - read it, distribute it, use it for defense funds

Important stories and photos of arrests, gassing, assaults and bravery in the face of massive police oppression. This zine shows the power and beauty in what demonstrators did last weekend, as well as the horror.
We hope you print off a few copies of this and distribute it in your community as a fundraiser for those arrested and illegally detained in Quebec.
Thank you.
"After the clouds clear and the fence comes down,
here stands a generation radicalized, which is
part of a population outraged by what they
experienced in Quebec or shocked by what
they heard from those who came here.

We are the first generation in this country that knows the taste of teargas.
They have attacked us with the worst they have
and it has only strengthened our resolve…."
-- From the FTAA Diary (more inside)



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