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Seattle IMC gag order lifted

seattle IMC explains what happened.
((as one of the scare-mongers all week, i feel obliged to pass this on. it’s not as spooky as we thought it was, but it is still very, very troubling…))

from Seattle IMC:
While tens of thousands demonstrated against the FTAA in the streets of Quebec City, the Independent Media Center in Seattle was served with a sealed court order by two FBI agents and an agent of the US Secret Service. The terms of the sealed order prevented IMC volunteers from publicizing its terms; volunteers immediately began discussions with legal counsel to amend the order. This morning, April 27, Magistrate Judge Monica Benton issued an amended order, freeing us to discuss the situation without the threat of being held in contempt. Since the incident occurred, several persistent, yet false, rumors have taken shape. We can now dispel some of the more common of these: No search warrant was served on IMC in connection with the court order, and nobody connected to the Seattle IMC has been arrested. No equipment or logs have been seized; the agents' visit was not a “raid.” Free from restrictive court orders, the Seattle IMC will now be able to cover this important story as it continues to unfold.



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