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Infiltrator/provocateur/thief likely attending Chicago/MayDay actions

A local Chicago Green activist has forwarded information that a known infiltrator/disruptor/con artist may be heading to Chicago for May Day activities. See below for more info/website links to photo and extensive history of this grifter/provocateur.
Montana activists report that an infiltrator/disrupter/imposter/con artist may be headed to Chicago for May Day actions. He claims to be very well connected in Earth First! and other activist groups (he's not), may have expensive equipment (stolen) and has stolen at least one vehicle and much equipment. He appears eager to incite illegal activity and appears to have documented law enforcement contacts - which, of course, he works hard to conceal from activists he attempts to befriend. See below for more info/website links to photos.

Colorado activists report that he showed up in Denver for A20 and A21 activities as well as an AIM event - and claimed he is heading to MayDay in Chicago. While in Denver, he identified himself as Jeff, said he was going to Quebec but was turned away at the Washington Border because he was in Seattle, DC, Philly, LA; asked about the names of people, their homes, locations, actions, Mayday, columbus day, etc.; produced a ski instructor ID from Washington ski resort; bragged a lot about Earth First! and openly talked about illegal activities, including bomb making materials and explosives; was driving a black pick-up with Oregon plates; showed 'dead' tattoo on right arm/claimed it was new. Denver activists believe he is definitely trying to get into the anarchist community.

Aliases: David Farquar, Andrew Stines, Jason Hammel, John Glass, others.
Description: 5'10", stringy blond/brown hair, 180 lbs., well-built chest, shoulders, lightly bearded, full lips. Rough voice, US accent (California), compulsive name-dropper, BS artist, constantly violates security culture. For photos and more info on this individual, see the following websites:
Also see Earth First! Journal November-December 1998 & June-July 2000.

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