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organizing protest of corporate mass media

Who else out there is pissed off at how the corporate media perpetuates globalization, spews propaganda in favor of our governments unjust policys, and the yellow journalism skewed in favor of their advertisers? go to to educate yourself
I posted this on the indymedia main page today and got a good response so i'm going ahead with it. One of the main reasons that our government and corporations are still able to pollute the environment and exploit people here and at home is because the Corporate news media constantly produces propaganda and yellow jornalism, misrepresenting facts. plus they are mergeing to the point where on company controls 50% or more of the advertiseing dollars in local areas. Check out to see what viacom owns.
These comanys have an obligation to serve the public interest, so does the FCC. Lets hold a demonstration at Viacoms headquarters in NY. They are at 1515 broadway. we can blockade them for a day and demand they open a public televised forum on how well they are serveing the public interest. We, the public, should be the ones to decide what is in the public interest. Not corporate presidents. I need help to organize this. If you are interested in helping, participateing, or contributeing input please e-mail me. Lets take back the airwaves and expose their lies!!!



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